Packing for Camp

Camp NaNoWriMo begins on Monday - another month of writing with reckless abandon as I try once again to finish a 50,000 word novel.

Because I am insane.

I do NaNoWriMo every November, and as of this year I can boast that I've "won" five out of seven NaNo's that I have participated in. I consider myself sort of an expert on writing a book in 30 days, and yes, you can completely disregard the fact that I've never published any of them. I didn't sign up for Camp EditOWriMo, though that should be created and I should join it.

Camp NaNo runs during April and July, so that people who have no lives like myself can shut themselves indoors and alone and write write write! pretty much non-stop for three months per year. I wanted to do April's camp, but I went on vacation that month so I didn't sign up because I knew I would be away and busy and my priority would not be writing. Next month, it sure will be.

After winning last November on day 26, coming in with 56K words and four days to spare, I thought immediately that I wanted to do a workshop for NaNo next year. There are so many writers in New London and Waterford, and yet I never hear of any of them getting riled up enough to win.

I want to rile people up to win - because if I can do it five times, I know most people can do it at least once. You just have to have some tricks up your sleeve to get the job done, and I am going to use July's camp to get all of my tricks in a row and start preparing for what I imagine will be an epic presentation slash workshop in October.

Do any of you have local writing groups that you write with during NaNo's, or other times throughout the year?


  1. What are your tricks?

    I signed up and (have cheated, I'm already at 8,400 words) and yesterday the light came on: I found out what happens to my character! I had her personality, her family, her best friend, knew what she likes, even had her fate (she suddenly dies at 15) but was missing a key ingredient. And yesterday that missing piece fell into my lap.

    I'm so eager to jump into it. It's odd though, the fact that I live on a boat and am unemployed seems to make me not have a life either. Isn't that weird?

    I heard of rumors of a writing group in the little town where I'm at, but can't find any details about it. My emails remain unanswered. What happens in a writing group?

  2. You will know my tricks when I am ready to share them, muhahahaha!!

    I emailed you, Marie - to the email you use to comment. ;-)

    1. Gosh darnit... Was so hoping the learn the tricks of a weathered and seasoned pro!


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