If you build it...

I find myself quoting that Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams more than I probably should, since I only saw the movie once or twice when I was younger and don't really remember much of it at all. Except for its catch phrase, that I remember and think about and mention in conversation all the time. I heard it once in a movie and for some reason think it's true and it's something that you can live by.

If you build it they will come.

It doesn't even just apply to people, you know. It can apply to ideas, and words, and customers of bookstores. 

I thought about that phrase today when I opened up this Evernote file to write, because I want to write online every day and I've never been able to stick to the commitment before. 

This is me, always trying. 

It's an inconsequential goal, I know. I only want to challenge myself to write online daily. There is no pressure, there is no one to compete with except for myself. I got through over ninety days in the beginning of this year, and then just failed. I was mad at myself, let me tell you. 

See, I write every day, whether it be a blog post, a flash fiction, adding some words to a novel, or journaling in a moleskine. (I namedrop because I love.) 

But that doesn't mean I always write things worth reading, or even worth me remembering. 

Did I mention, here I am? Trying.


I'm having my friend Jill over tonight to watch a horror movie and crochet. I am almost done with the blanket that I am making now, which I believe I will give as a gift to someone soon. 

Crocheting is a great hobby for me, or for any writer who has terrible guilt for watching television. 

I always feel like kicking myself in the butt when I watch TV, it makes me feel lazy. Or at least, it used to, until I started crocheting when I watch TV. Then I stay productive, and in the end have things! Blankets! Towels!  YAY!

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